Pounce on PumaPay!
The crypto that will change payments forever.

PumaPay is a cryptocurrency featuring a smart Pull Payment Protocol that allows online and offline merchants the full flexibility of payment processing. It is similar to credit card payments, but without the hassle of chargebacks, without payments being declined and most importantly save big on commissions!

As an early adaptor of the Pull Payment Protocol we want to introduce you to all the opportunities and benefits this collaboration has to offer!

Here are just a few of the revolutionary features at a glance:

Join the Pull Payment Protocol Revolution

Instead of just receiving transactions from costumers (Push), the merchants are able to actively charge the costumers (Pull) via a wide range of payment options, such as: immediate, delayed and conditional payments, pay per use, subscriptions, recurring payments, direct debit and much more. With any kind of crypto transaction, you will cut your chargebacks, declines and commissions to a minimum.

Enjoy the power of Major Billers

CCBill and SegPay are already committed to implement PumaPay Protocol (and more billers are on the way). You can choose whether to implement the full protocol yourself or use one of the major billers who already implemented flexible payment solutions and simply receive PMA.

Enable PumaPay and Get Promoted

All the merchants that will accept the PMA token will benefit from large scale PumaPay marketing efforts. PumaPay will promote the businesses towards highly targeted audience, inviting and incentivizing crypto holders to use PMA as a payment method.