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Mixing business with pleasure
The awards of being a PussyCash webmaster

What are the awards of being a PussyCash webmaster?
Not only do PussyCash affiliates benefit from among the Net's highest converting site programs, we make sure to mix your business with serious pleasure every single day! PussyCash affiliates regularly enjoy three major benefits provided only by PussyCash:

Free VideoChat credit at ImLive
With every paycheck or Firstchoice Pay payment you receive, you also get a 10% bonus of ImLive Happy Hour Credit you can use to VideoChat with the ImLive Hosts. The VideoChat Credit is deposited directly in an ImLive account that was set up automatically for you. You don't have to promote ImLive in order to receive the free credit. You get the bonus every time you receive payment, regardless of which sites you promote.
Where to check your credit
The Happy Hour Credit available in your ImLive account is visible on the PussyCash members page in the BUSINESS section, located just above your stats table. It is automatically updated whenever you receive more Credit or use your Credit VideoChatting at

How to use your credit
Log in to using your PussyCash username and Password, select a live Happy Hour Host and start VideoChatting! Or just click on the link on the PussyCash members page and pick your Host. You don't need to provide a credit card or any type of payment to start chatting. Your free Credit will be used to pay for the VideoChat sessions you initiate.

The Top Webmaster Awards
Every month, PussyCash gives the three top earning webmasters special luxury gifts to reward them for their outstanding performance. The award is prominently displayed on the PussyCash home page and on the members page. Past gifts have included Sony VAIO laptop computers, LCD TVs, Xbox 360s, Gucci watches, projectors and digital cameras. The rewards we've already given out and the winners who received them are
listed here.
How to become a Top Webmaster
The three webmasters who earned the most commission for the entire month (not including any payment carried over from previous pay periods) are the Top Webmasters. To receive the Top Webmaster Award, a webmaster must not have received the award during the previous month. If a webmaster is a top earner two months in a row, he will not be eligible to receive the prize for the second month and his prize will be given to the next highest earning webmaster.
Top Webmaster Announcements
Top Webmasters are notified by a PussyCash Program Manager when they've won an award. Each winner is also announced at the end of the month in the end of pay newsletter and the news.

PussyCash Special Promotions
From time to time, PussyCash runs promotional campaigns to encourage webmasters to promote specific PussyCash sites and/or programs. These limited time promotions often provide webmasters with increased payouts for sign-ups and chances to win incredible prizes.
Eligibility in PussyCash special promotions
Eligibility for each promotion is detailed when the promotion is published.
Campaign payments and rewards
PussyCash campaigns generally fall under two categories - those awarding incredible prizes and those offering increased rates for sign-ups.
In the past, PussyCash special campaigns have awarded webmasters with Hummer SUVs, $50,000 cash and Porsche Boxsters. The Hummer campaign alone was worth $100,000. Our sign-up rates during promotions have reached the astronomical height of $225 for EVERY SINGLE SIGN-UP.

Each campaign is different, but you can be sure of one thing: when PussyCash runs a special promotion, it's worth big bucks!
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