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About PussyCash
The road to success: How PussyCash became a leading sponsor on the web and our company Credo

PussyCash History
Launched in 2002, PussyCash quickly evolved to become one of the leading adult sponsor programs on the Internet. The original adult matchmaking platforms that debuted on PussyCash included Sex2Go, FantasyMatch and, among others. Quickly becoming industry classics, the success of these early sites began the PussyCash tradition of leadership in adult innovation.

In August 2002, PussyCash sponsored a three month old, relatively unknown webcam community called, which through the help of PussyCash affiliates grew to become the largest video chat arena on the web in less than four years. Today, ImLive is still one of PussyCash's top sites and has transformed into a virtual cash cow that supplies numerous affiliates, hosts and partners with their daily bread.

In 2005 PussyCash turned its sights to the niche market. The 6-Buck Network joined PussyCash and offered affiliates a wide range of multi-platform, high quality niche sites for the revolutionary low price of $6 a month. Later on, for casual and no-strings attached encounters PussyCash launched the high-converting match sites and In 2010, PussyCash took on, one of the largest adult subscription sites on the web. Sexier's multi-platform features and massive quantity of content for a bottom of the barrel price was an instant hit with users.

The tremendous success of all these sites helped complete the process of rooting PussyCash firmly in each of the four main adult industry market categories on the Web- Matchmaking, Video Chat, General Adult Content (aka porn) and Niche Content.

Today, thanks to time and again proven brands on all platforms, incredible payouts campaigns, amazing webmaster awards, superior customer support, and state-of-the-art promo tools, PussyCash is recognized among webmasters as an exceptionally reliable and lucrative affiliate program.

The PussyCash Credo

We believe our foremost responsibility is to our affiliates.
Because our success depends on our affiliates' success, it is in our best interest to create a mutually benefiting program where everybody wins. That is why we constantly strive towards excellence, so that our affiliates have everything they need to succeed.

Trust and integrity are our most important values.
Our good name and reputation are critical to the success of our business. Therefore, accurate online statistics, on-time payments, and reliable service are among our top priorities.

Innovation is key.
We are interested in advancing the adult industry as a cutting edge sector of the online business market, and to that end, we see ourselves as a flagship of good business conduct and innovation.

We approach our work with a passion.
We are firmly committed to being creative, innovative, hard-working and going the extra mile.

And last but not least, we work hard to keep mixing your business with pleasure, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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