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Co-brand Opportunities
Empower your brand by adding your logo to PussyCash sites

Co-branding allows you to place your site's logo on the main pages of PussyCash sites. When users arrive at a co-branded page, they can click on your logo to return to your site. You can create as many co-brands as you like using different logos for both the and site programs. All co-branded pages are hosted by PussyCash.

This guide covers the following topics: About Co-branding ImLive
Co-brand your site with ImLive to provide your users with "your own" videochat site! When your users click on a promo tool and arrive at ImLive (one of the biggest videochat arenas on the web) with your linking logo in the header, they'll be impressed. As a result, you'll get more traffic, more returning traffic, better convert rates and earn more. Also, when you create your co-brand, you will immediately be given the generic link to your main co-branded ImLive site PLUS thirteen generic links to your co-branded ImLive niche sites, allowing you to effectively target your traffic.

How to send users to your co-branded sites:
Once you create a co-brand, you immediately receive a generic link to your co-branded page. (If you're co-branding ImLive, you will also automatically receive 13 generic links to each of the co-branded ImLive niche sites). By placing those links on your site, users will be able to arrive at your co-branded pages. (A generic link simply means it is unassigned to anything yet - you can add it to any text or image or promo tool on your webpage).

You can also make any of our ready made promo tools link to your co-branded pages. To do that you need to add the name that you assigned the co-brand when you created it to the promo tool's HTML code. You simply add the code "&CBName=Your CoBrand Name" (without the quotations) to the promo tool link. For example, if this is the promo tool code, add the area in red:

<a href="
BCODE2E827324_00000&CBName=Your CoBrand Name"><"img src="288_125_adult.gif" border=0></a>

You may also direct your traffic to co-branded versions of all of WildMatch's landing pages. Once you select a landing page and promo tool, add the code that is created with your WildMatch co-brand ("&CBName=YourCoBrandName") to the promo tool's code in order to direct your traffic to your co-branded version of WildMatch. You can also create your own promo tools and use your generic co-branded links to direct your traffic to your co-branded versions of WildMatch.

The benefits of co-branding
By co-branding your site with either WildMatch or ImLive, you basically provide your users with "your own" online matching or Video Chat site. For example, when your users click on a promo tool and arrive at WildMatch with your logo in the header that can link back to your site, they'll feel more familiar with WildMatch, as if your site is vouching for the quality of WildMatch's online matching platform. The same goes for ImLive's Video Chat platform. As a result of offering consistent, uninterrupted and powerful branding service, you should see higher convert rates and higher earnings.

Where to check your co-branded site stats:
All sign-ups you refer to your co-branded sites can be found under the ImLive and WildMatch Program Statistics. You can also check your stats and performance for each co-branded site using the traffic evaluator program.

How to create a co-brand
Go to the promo tools page and select either WildMatch or ImLive (Adult) and the payment program you prefer. In the following list of promo tools, select Integration Tools and then Co-Brand.

Follow the instructions to complete the simple co-brand creation 3-step process.

Shortcut:    Click here to co-brand ImLive now!

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