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How we track your stats
What counts and doesn't count

When you log in to PussyCash, every promo tool already contains in its code an identifier that is your affiliate ID# (or WID). When you add the marketing promotional tools to your site's HTML code, the WID identifies the traffic that originates on your site as "yours". This identification enables us to accurately track (and pay you for) the traffic you refer to our sites.

This guide covers the following topics:

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About Clicks, Sign-ups and Rev Share Transactions:
  1. What are clicks? Generally speaking, a click represents whenever a user clicks on one of the promo tools you've added to your site. However, you should be aware of the following conditions:

    PussyCash counts unique clicks. In order to be considered a unique click, PussyCash checks that at least one of the following three criteria is "unique" within a given day:

    1. the IP of the user

    2. the affiliate code (contained in the promo tool)

    3. the site the user clicked on

    Thus, if the same user clicks on the same affiliate's promo tool for the same site, in the same day, we would not count that as an additional click. We do this to give you a clearer interpretation of your traffic. For example, if the same user clicks to one of your sites 100 times in a day, you wouldn't want to make the assumption that 100 different people clicked to your site.

    Please note that for the ImLive Per Approve program, certain user countries do not count for clicks or sign-ups. Full details are provided in the terms of use.

  2. What are sign-ups? A sign-up is a user you've referred to PussyCash who becomes a paying member of one of our sites. You get paid a flat fee for every sign-up whenever you promote a site with the PussyCash Per Member payment program.

  3. What are transactions? Transactions are referred to under the Rev-Share payment programs, in which you earn LIFETIME commissions from every transaction a user makes at one of our sites. These transactions include the purchase of credit at or purchase/renewal of a monthly subscription at WildMatch.

45 Day Permanent Cookies with PussyCash
PussyCash provides our webmasters with 45 day permanent cookies. From the moment a user you send arrives at any PussyCash site he'll be tracked using a cookie that will remain active for 45 days. So if you send traffic to sites such as BangMatch where users only have the option of paying to become members, any user you send who returns to join the site by typing the site name into his browser will be credited to you. Likewise, if you send traffic to sites such as ImLive or WildMatch where users have the option of joining for free and becoming a paying member later, any user you send who becomes a free member first, and then returns to the site to become a paying member (even if he returns 10 years after joining for free) will be credited to you.

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