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A Deeper Understanding of Your Statistics
About convert rates, user value and advanced PussyCash stats tools

Your stats provide you with more insightful information than you may at first realize. How that information is harnessed can be the key factor separating small time affiliates from serious market players. This guide covers several topics to give you a better understanding of your statistics and help you translate that knowledge into higher earnings:

What you should know about conversion rates
A Conversion rate is perhaps the most important thing you want to determine about a site you are promoting. Basically, a conversion rate shows the ability of a site to "convert" a visitor into a paying member. It is usually expressed as a percentage or ratio. For example, if a website gets 50 visitors and 10 of them convert, then the site has a 20% or 1:5 conversion rate. Why is it so important? Well, no matter what type of payment program you're using - when your traffic converts, you get paid.
One thing to keep in mind when you start promoting websites is that conversion rates may vary over time. The conversion rate you get when you start to promote a site is not necessarily the be all, end all rate. You may need to try several different strategies before reaching the highest rate you can achieve. Improving and optimizing convert rates is the number one mission of every affiliate!

Measuring your conversion rates
The first step in analyzing your stats is figuring out what kind of convert rates you're getting. Your statistics track the number of clicks and sign-ups you get every day. These figures represent the number of visitors the site you are promoting gets and how many of them "convert" into paying "sign-ups."

*Because different sites employ different conversion methods (some sites give 3 free day trials etc), the clicks you get in one day do not necessarily convert that same day. But over an extended period of time, the total number of clicks vs. the total number of sign-ups will give you a pretty good indication of what your convert rates are.

Factors affecting conversion rates
Again, convert rates are not absolute numbers. A multitude of variables can affect your results: the type of traffic you have (is it adult traffic, niche traffic, member traffic etc), the promo tools you're using, the sites you choose to promote, a site's conversion model (sign-up free - pay whenever you want, free day trials, pay to play, etc) and more.
For example, if you have member traffic, that is, users who are already paying to be members of your site, then studies show you might achieve a better convert rate than an affiliate who is referring roaming traffic. It's up to you to find the optimal strategy to convert your traffic using both trial and error as well as some advanced PussyCash features discussed further on below.

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How "user value" affects Rev Share earnings
Conversion rate is a critical ratio for determining a site's profitability, especially when you're working with the Pay Per Member/Sign-up payment program (in which you earn a flat fee for every sign-up).
When you're working with the Rev-Share program however, another, just as important figure to consider is what we refer to as "user value." High user value means that your referred users are spending a lot of money over time in our sites. (That, by the way, is what allows us to pay affiliates such big one-time Pay Per Member/Sign-up payouts. It's so high actually, that the amount we pay out often significantly exceeds the price we take in per sign-up and we absorb all the risk of refunds and charge backs).
Because many of our sites offer high user value, we are happy to give our affiliates the option of taking an on-going percentage of their referred users' expenditures, as opposed to the one-time fee. To see how rewarding this can be, you need to check out a promoted site's user value.
In your Rev Share stats table, PussyCash provides you with a performance report that lets you check your total earnings from the traffic you've referred over a select period of time. You can see how much money your users have made for you until today, how many transactions they've made, the amount of the transactions and what your percentage comes out to.

Why do our sites enjoy such a high user retention value? Well, take for example. In, user retention is super high as well. Individual members of ImLive have been known to spend upwards of THOUSANDS of dollars. Refer just one such individual and your life gets sweeter every day.

Analyzing your traffic by source URL and promo tool:
With so many factors and conditions affecting conversion rates and user value, how are you supposed to make sense of it all? PussyCash provides you with several tools to help you understand your traffic, know where it's coming from and discover which promo tools are working best for you. Analysis by Source URL shows you which of your pages are bringing you the most sign-ups. Analysis by Promo Tool lets you find out which marketing creatives lead to the hightest conversions. And you also have the Traffic Evaluator, (covered in a separate guide) which lets you assign your own tracking code device to any promo tool so you can effectively manage and monitor its success.

What is "Analyzing statistics by source URL"?
Know where your sign-ups are coming from to increase your earnings!

PussyCash allows you to track and analyze your sign-ups according to where they originated. This means you can see exactly how many sign-ups you got from the different web pages or URLs where you are promoting PussyCash sites.

The benefits of analyzing your stats by source URL:
Equipped with the knowledge of which pages are sending you the highest amount of sign-ups, you can quickly work to increase your earnings by, for example adding more promo tools to these pages. PussyCash also lets you track the performance of a specific URL over time, so you can follow how changes you've made to a particular page have affected your conversion rate. Which pages are doing the best with which promo tools? How many promo tools on a page is optimal? You'll find the answers to these questions and more by simply monitoring your source URL stats.

What is "Analyzing statistics by Promo Tool"?
Which promo tool converts the best…that's what everyone always asks us. The thing is, we can't tell you what will work best for you -that's what you have to test for yourself. The good news is that we do provide you with ready stats that show you exactly how many sign-ups you received from every promo tool you're using.

The benefits of analyzing your stats by Promo Tool:
Different promo tools attract different kinds of users. You need to find out which kind of promo tool your users respond to, in order to know how to fill your pages with content that leads to higher revenue.
If a geo-targeted banner works better for you than a non-geo targeted, you can rotate a variety of geo-targeted banners on your site. If your users go ga-ga for the free ImLive Theatre, you can also try doing something similar by integrating the pages of ImLive into your site. The choices are endless, but the numbers will tell you when you're doing something right.

The sites for which you can track your source URL & Promo Tool stats
You can analyze your traffic stats by source URL for all PussyCash sites, starting from June 16th, 2006.

Where to check your source URL & Promo Tool stats:
Enter your stats page by clicking the "Period's Earnings" link for a particular site category followed by a specific site's period's earnings link. Above your stats table, you'll see a prompt that says "Show stats by Date / URL / Promo tool." Click on URL or Promo Tool.

Advanced lesson and example case of URL & promo tool analysis:
Together, your complementary source URL and Promo Tool stats features give you a powerful perspective on where your traffic is coming from and how to increase your earnings. Read the example case below which demonstrates how webmaster Bob effectively uses both these features to dramatically increase his profits:

Example Case: Webmaster Bob's URL & promo tool performance for amateur website
Webmaster Bob has an adult website with exclusive photo content featuring a variety of amateurs. He wishes to promote ImLive's amateur cams to add value to his site and earn some extra revenue

Day 1:
Bob adds an ImLive Gif banner to two different pages of his website,
www.BobsAmateurs/ and www.BobsAmateurs/ He sits back and waits.

Day 6:
Bob goes to check his ImLive stats and sees the following:

He's pleased to have already earned $100 and he now wants to check where exactly those sign-ups came from. He clicks on "Show stats by URL" and discovers that both sign-ups originated solely from the Couples page.

To build on his success, Bob decides to focus his energy on the Couples page, so he adds a Fulfill-A-Fantasy banner and a couple of text links. As for his Milf page, he replaces his current banner with a geo-targeted one instead.

Day 11:
Bob checks his stats again and sees that over the last 5 days he's gotten an additional 10 sign-ups from his two pages combined. Here are his stats:

Bob sees that with 3 sign-ups, his Milf page has improved, considering that it is only displaying one promo tool. He realizes that the geo-targeted banner is converting his users better than the flash banner he used before. And, although the Couples page is still a strong performer, the text links aren't doing as well as he'd like. Instead of ditching them completely, he decides to try a different strategy by re-positioning them on the page.

Day 30:
Webmaster Bob continues to play around with the promo tools on the pages of his website, monitoring the sign-up rates as he goes. After 1 month of promoting, he has referred a total of 86 sign-ups from his Amateurs website, broken down from the two pages as follows:

He now wants to check how just the Couples page performed since day 1, in a day by day analysis. To do this, he clicks on the sign-up link to view his daily Couples page stats.
Because Bob's no dummy, he kept track of previous updates he made on his site in a calendar, so that in hindsight he would be able to evaluate what actions worked best for him. He also made sure to update his site on a consistent time frame (every 5 days) so that he could compare the number of sign-ups he got during every period between updates.
See the personal notes Bob took and his total sign-ups as a result of every action next to his statistics below.

Stats by URL for www.BobsAmateurs/
Period 1/1 - 1/30

Looking back at how Bob updated his site, you can see that he consistently improved by optimizing both the number and position of promo tools on his page.

For example, on the 16th he discovered that his sign-ups decreased after re-positioning the text links. He was then able to make the appropriate changes that brought his sign-up count even higher than before. He could also see that the biggest improvements occurred after he made the updates on the 6th and on the 21st of the month. That means that those promo tools are working especially well with his users and Bob should continue to use or rotate them with more of the same type.

Bob's final results:
Best converting promo tools: Geo-targeted banner, Real-time banner and XML feed
Strongest converting webpage: www.BobsAmateurs/

By continuing to analyze his statistics by source URL, Bob can now feel confident that he's making the maximum possible profit from his traffic.

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