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About the PussyCash Payment Programs
A variety of ways to earn money and maximize your revenue!

A PussyCash Payment Program refers to the method by which you'd like to earn money for referring users to PussyCash sites. Each site offers its own payment program options and individual rates. When promoting sites, you're not obligated to stick to one type of payment program. Many webmasters optimize their earnings by using promo tools associated with varying payment programs simultaneously.

This guide covers the following topics:
What are the PussyCash Payment Programs?
There are three main payment programs in PussyCash, offered by different PussyCash sites and the Webmaster Referral Program:
  1. The Pay Per Member / Sign-up Program which pays you a flat fee for every user you refer that becomes a paying member of a PussyCash site.
  2. The Rev-Share Program which pays you a commission of your referred users LIFETIME expenditures at PussyCash sites.
  3. Pay Per Lead Program which pays you for FREE, email verified users who don't need to enter their credit cards.
  4. The Webmaster Referral Program which pays you for each sign-up sent by a webmaster you referred to PussyCash.
For a full description of every site's complete Payment terms, click here

What to Consider When Choosing a Payment Program
Many webmasters debate on whether to promote sites using the Per Member or Rev Share program.

Though we can't tell you which method to use, we can say that if you want instant gratification for every sign-up you get, then the Per Member program with its flat fee reward is the one for you.

If on the other hand, you're fairly confident that you've got "quality" traffic and you're looking for steady, long term income, then the Rev-Share program could suit you much better.

However, the decision doesn't have to be a shot in the dark. You can try both programs out and monitor your results to find out which program works better with your traffic. You even have a variety of stats analysis tools to help you do so. But for the simplest approach, just put up a rev share banner and a per member banner on your site, choose a time frame (ie 6 months) and compare at the end of that period which program was more worthwhile for you.

How to select a Payment Program
Selecting a Payment Program is simply part of the process of adding a promo tool to your site. Click on Promo Tools in the nav bar menu. Once you select a category and site, you will be prompted to choose a Payment Program. After selecting the Payment Program, you can then go ahead and take the type of promo tools you've selected.

Because every promo tool falls under its own Payment Program, you can take promo tools from all the different Payment Programs we have, add them to your site and get paid for each according to its own terms:

Checking your earnings by Payment Program:
PussyCash is organized in such a way that you can easily track how much you're earning via each payment program. On your Members Page, choose a site category in your statistics area. The next page will display your earnings for each of the site's offered Payment Programs.

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