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The Profit Optimizer
Understand your traffic to improve your stats

What is the Profit Optimizer?
The PussyCash Profit Optimizer enables you to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategies by tracking every click you send. Using "tracking tags" you generate, you'll be able to measure the effectiveness of promo tools, the placement of your promo tools and even group tracking tags together to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Once your tracking tags are in place, you'll be able to track your clicks and analyze your daily performance in your Profit Optimizer Stats.

About Tracking Tags
To track the statistics of individual promo tools, you first need to create a tracking tag which you then add to the link of specific promo tools you want to track. You can create tracking tags for many different kinds of promo tools including banners, text links, full page ads, galleries and even your own creations. To start:
  1. Click the Create a New Tracking Tag button on the Profit Optimizer Main pag
  2. e
  3. Name and describe the tag. Create a name for the tracking tag that will help you understand the tag's use (for example, "SearchEngineAd" for the tag you plan to use on a search engine banner). Describe the tag with enough detail to enable you to differentiate it from other tags you may use in the future, then click the Submit button.
  4. Once you've created your tag, it will appear in your tracking tag stats on the Profit Optimizer main page. In order to get statistics however, you must add the name of your tracking tag to the link of a PussyCash promo tool appearing on your web page. Click here for a demonstration of how to implement your tag into promo tool code.

Benefits of using Tracking Tags:
  • Measure promo tool performance
    To analyze the effectiveness of a particular promo tool, create a tracking tag for it. Then, place the promo tool with the tag in one of your web pages. Your Profit Optimizer stats will show you exactly how many clicks and sign-ups this particular promo tool is getting, so you can effectively measure its performance. See example
  • Compare and contrast promo tools
    To compare and contrast the effectiveness of different promo tools, monitor the performance of several promo tools with unique tracking codes. This will provide you with a clear indication of which promo tools are converting the best for you in order to optimize your profits. See example
  • Analyze promo tool placement on a webpage
    To analyze the effectiveness of the placement of a promo tool, create multiple promotional codes for the same banner, text link or pop-up. Then place the promo tool in different locations on the same web page. By tracking the same promo tool in different areas, you can find out which location is working best for you. See example
  • Analyze an entire webpage
    To analyze the effectiveness of a single webpage or traffic source (URLs, pop-ups, etc.), use one promotional code for all of the promo tools you place on that specific web page and use it only on this page. This will tell you how effective the particular webpage is. See example
  • Compare and contrast web pages
    To compare the effectiveness of different web pages, use the same promo tool in the same relative location on each page with different tracking codes. Because both pages show the same promo tool, you can discover which one is converting traffic better with that particular promo tool. See example
  • Monitor your Profit Optimizer Stats
    The PussyCash Profit Optimizer will track each click that you send to our sites using your tracking codes, as well as the number of sign-ups you refer and the amount of money the traffic earns for you. You can also evaluate each promotional code's performance on a daily basis by promo code and by site / program, to provide you with a more concise breakdown of your traffic's behavior. See example

About tracking tag groups
An advanced feature of the Profit Optimizer is the ability to group a number of tracking tags together, so you can analyze the effectiveness of an entire group of promo tools. By generating unique tracking tags for every promo tool and promo tool location, you can then assign those tracking tags to various groups you create, thus providing you with a more sophisticated, detailed analysis of your marketing strategies.
The group feature is especially useful if you want to analyze the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or compare varying groups of promo tools. For example, let's say that PussyCash is running a 2 month promotion for WildMatch with incredible payouts. You want to cash in on that promotion by creating your own campaign and loading your site for those two months with a variety of WildMatch promo tools. Throughout the campaign, your Profit Optimizer group stats let you monitor the performance of that entire group of promo tools.

How to create groups
There are several ways to go about it, but essentially, creating a group and analyzing your results is a simple 4 step process:

Step 1: Click the Create a New Group button on the Profit Optimizer main page. Name the group or campaign you intend to run.
Step 2: Assign tracking tags to your group, by selecting the tracking tags from a list of tags you've already created.
To learn how to implement tags in your promo tools, click here
Step 3. Place the promo tools of your group in strategic locations on the pages of your website.
Step 4. Measure the results of your campaign and the performance of each promo tool used in the campaign in your real time Profit Optimizer Group Stats.

Click here for a graphic illustration of how to create groups

Assign tracking tags to multiple groups
A promo tool with a tracking tag can belong to more than one group simultaneously. This means that you can assign a particular promo tool to multiple groups you create and monitor its performance in each one. By doing so, you can measure the performance of a specific group of promo tools within an existing group. For example, let's say you create a unique tracking tag for a geo-targeted banner to include in your May WildMatch campaign. You can then also decide to include that banner in another group intended to measure the performance of all of your Geo-targeted banners.
Click here to see an example

Compare groups or campaigns
Deciding which ads to place on a site is for many webmasters a highly strategic marketing decision. It is especially important for large sites with a great number of rotating banners to calculate which type of banner ads are performing most successfully. To that end, the Profit Optimizer lets you group tracking tags together, which is the simplest way to compare different types of promo tools. For example, you may want to check how much better your geo-targeted banners perform compared to your non-geo targeted banners, etc.
Click here to see an example

Group benefits
The group feature of the Profit Optimizer is a powerful tool that, when harnessed correctly, can be used in a multitude of ways to optimize your profits. The group feature was also designed to be highly flexible, by allowing you to assign and re-assign specific promo tools to various groups you create. Experienced webmasters can benefit greatly from this advanced tool. With a little extra planning and strategizing, it will enable you take your marketing strategies and earnings to the next level, thereby creating a highly profitable win-win situation for both you and PussyCash. Here are a few more examples of types of groups you may wish to create and monitor using the Profit Optimizer's grouping feature:

  1. PussyCash sponsored campaigns
  2. Time period campaigns - ie, weekly, monthly, yearly
  3. Niche campaigns
  4. Types of promo tools - ie, geo-targeted ads vs real time ads etc.
  5. Groups of landing pages
  6. Groups of keywords for search engines

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