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How to get started with your generic and plain text links

The link to PussyCash sites is the critical step users have to take in order for you to get paid. That is why we make it easy for you to link just about anything to our sites and give you an abundance of link options to choose from. This guide covers how you can use your personal generic links with your own content and how to add our ready made text links to your site:

What are Generic Links?
A generic link is a code that can link a selected area of your site to one of PussyCash's sites. Upon joining PussyCash, we automatically create for you a generic link to each of our site programs. All your generic links contains your affiliate ID #, which is how we know to credit you for the traffic you refer. For example, this is what an affiliate's generic link may look like for the site

What you can do with your generic links:

  1. Add your generic link code to an area of your site in order to link it a PussyCash site. You can link a graphic image, some text or anything else you can think of to the site you're promoting.
  2. Make your own promo tools using free content and your generic link.

How to do it:
Let's say you have foot fetish traffic and you want to promote ImLive Fetish. You didn't find exactly what you were looking for among PussyCash's ready made promo tools, so you decide to make your own banner.
  1. You click on Free Content on the main nav bar
  2. You can choose between free Images and Videos and you choose Images.
  3. You click on the Fetish link to see available fetish shots
  4. You find the picture set you want and you click the button to Download the Zip file.
  5. Once you've found the perfect image, you can create your banner (or anything else you have in mind) by adding some promotional text and your generic link code in the HTML. Notice you can also take the logo to ImLive (as well as all the other sites).

How to get your generic links:
The most convenient way to access all your generic links together is through the link under the Promo Tool Quick Search at the bottom of your Members Page. You can also get your generic link at each individual site's Promo Tools list page.

QUICK START: Here is YOUR generic link for
Why don't you go add it to your site now and start earning some cash!

What are text links?
A text link is simply a few pre-written words or a line of text that is linked to a PussyCash site. The wording often serves as a teaser - something that grabs the attention of your users and makes them want to click. These links, like all the rest of the PussyCash promo tools, already contain your affiliate ID#.

Example text links for

The benefits of using text links:
Sometimes a text link, simple as it is, can be just as effective in converting traffic as a big, sophisticated promo tool. They don't take up much space and they're easy to alter in the html. Also, you can use our text links as inspiration to come up with your own ideas that work perfectly with your traffic.

The sites you can promote with text links:
Text links are available for every PussyCash site.

How to add text links to your site:
Go to the promo tools page, select a category, a website and the payment program you want. In the list of promo tools, select Links followed by Text Links which will take you to a list of pre-written text links for you. After previewing, follow the instructions on how to take the html code and add it to your site.

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