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Why do I need an affiliation program?
How affiliate programs give you the best solution for your traffic

Being an affiliate can earn you more money for a lot less trouble than perhaps any other business model. As a site owner or webmaster, you always have the option of selling traffic or advertising space on your site to individual buyers, but that is often a HUGE hassle. Ad space sellers constantly have to find new clients, retain the old, manage them all and collect due funds (which isn't always easy). There is a higher responsibility to maintain traffic levels (otherwise buyers pull their ads) and success greatly depends on how well connected you are in the industry. Not so appealing if you're a new, small or mid sized site owner.

When you join an affiliate program on the other hand, you automatically get total control over what ads or content go on your site as well as a variety to choose from. You can literally dictate your own destiny and how much money you'll make by choosing the right sites to promote, promo tools and payment programs for your traffic. Plus, not only can affiliate programs bring you lifetime revenue, you also get access to free feature content (like the ImLive Theater for example) that add real value and service to your site. You get a customer service and design team at your disposal and you join a community of webmasters who help each other achieve mutual goals. Everything is neatly ready for you to pluck and use at will so you can start earning money from today to tomorrow. No paperwork, no negotiations, no hassle.

Choosing the right affiliate program
There are plenty of affiliate programs out there to choose from. The decision which to take on in is probably the most important one you'll need to make. Here are the issues we think are the most critical, and of course, the ones we excel at:
  • Go with the one you trust. Speak with other affiliates in the large webmaster forums like and find out which programs are most reliable. Research which programs offer the most transparent statistical tracking methods and deliver their payments on time, every time.
  • Look for programs that offer a wide variety of high-converting sites to promote. Affiliate programs that offer just a few sites are not enough for most affiliate marketers. You need variable streams of income from sites that complement, not compete with your website. PussyCash offers 35 high converting websites to promote that cover the five most popular categories of the adult industry: Webcam, Online matchmaking, Video on demand, Mega-content porn and niche specific porn.
  • Access high-converting promo tools. You'll need a huge variety and quantity of QUALITY promo tools - tried, tested and proven to convert. And even that is not enough. Make sure new promo tools are added regularly and that you're getting top of the line creatives. You don't just want ads; you also need to provide your users with good content that pays.
  • Demand the best in customer service. A strong affiliate program will provide you with first hand, immediate assistance from experienced professionals. They must understand your needs and be able to match you with the right tools to convert your traffic into cash.
  • Get your earnings paid fairly on time, every time. It's your money, you earned it. Unfortunately, the industry is full of scammers and shady sponsors who make promises they don't keep. Don't get lured into one of those; they'll drag you along and you'll likely never see a cent.
  • Be offered regular, new opportunities for making money. You need a program that will keep you on your toes. Look for ones with frequent webmaster campaigns and promotions that award you with amazing payouts and prizes.

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