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Important rules and guidelines for Affiliates
Play by the rules and you'll get richer quicker!

Please be aware of the following rules when promoting PussyCash sites. If you come across any violation of these rules, we would appreciate if you would report abuse to our staff.

No sending emails. PussyCash strictly prohibits sending promotional emails. On May 15, 2004, we ceased all affiliate promotions by email. We now strictly forbid ALL affiliates from sending ANY form of promotional emails on our behalf. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEND ANY SORT OF EMAILS PROMOTING PUSSYCASH SITES! We are very strict in this regard. In case we suspect that you are engaged in ANY sort of promotion by email, your account will unfortunately be terminated immediately and your earnings will be forfeited.

No illegal content. Sites containing any illegal content should not even consider promoting PussyCash sites. Illegal content includes but is not limited to: bestiality, unlawful depiction of minors, hate & extreme violence etc.

Comply with 2257 regulations. Due to the new 18 U.S.C 2257 regulations that became effective as of June 23rd 2005, we have made a number of changes and adaptations to the promotional materials available on PussyCash. Click here to learn about what sort of changes you will need to make on your sites to the items you've taken from us in the past.

Everything you need to know about PussyCash Affiliation, including full rules, restrictions, regulations, payment and more is clearly posted for you in the Terms and Conditions. Please read this document carefully, before you become an Affiliate. If you have questions, one of our customer service agents will be glad to help you.

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