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About our Sites
PussyCash - the only program with a leading site for every adult category in the industry

The PussyCash affiliate program promotes high-converting sites that fall into the main market segments of the adult industry. That means that whatever kind of traffic you have, PussyCash has a winning site for you to promote.

This guide covers the following site category topics:
  1. Video Chat
  2. Mobile Video Chat
  3. Online Matching
  4. How to promote the different types of PussyCash sites
  5. QUICK START: Start promoting RIGHT NOW
Video Chat sites
Video Chat sites enable two or more people to interact via webcam. Users visit Video Chat sites and select a Video Chat Host with whom they would like to interact in a Video Chat room. The Host always has a webcam. The user may choose to use a webcam for two-way Video Chat. Video Chat sites provide immediate sexual encounters with real people in situations the user can control. Since Video Chat Hosts cover all niches and categories of appearance and sexual expertise, Video Chat appeals to users looking for instant intimate interaction.
PussyCash promotes the incredibly successful chat sites and, as well as the hit exclusive content Lifestyle sites, and

Mobile Video Chat
Through mobile platform, users connect to Video Chat Hosts in all niches and categories fast and easy. Mobile Video Chat is a growing trend thanks to cutting edge technology and user demand for instant access.
PussyCash promotes the following brands on mobile platform:,

How to promote the different types of PussyCash sites
Once you have decided which category of site you'd like to promote, click on the Promo Tools button on the PussyCash site nav bar and select a site and payment program from the category heading you've chosen. At the site's promo tools page, take any of the promo tools and add them to your site.

Start promoting PussyCash sites RIGHT NOW by going to the quick start pages of our premium sites, and, and taking the top converting creatives we've selected for you:

Click here for the ImLive Quick Start
Click here for the Sexier Quick Start
Click here for the Quick Start
Click here for the Quick Start
Click here for the Quick Start

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