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Promo Tool Tips
Matching the right promo tool with different types of sites, traffic and marketing strategies

Some promo tools work especially well with a particular brand of site or marketing strategy. Below are a few suggestions on how you can target your traffic for a variety of marketing techniques:

Which promo tool should I use if I do Search Engine marketing?
The effectiveness of search engine marketing, or Pay Per Click programs, depends strongly on the level of relevancy between the keywords users search for, the text in the sponsored ad and the resulting content on the site's landing page.

For affiliates involved in search engine marketing, PussyCash has a strong conversion formula for promoting ImLive niches with your generic link.

ImLive niches present a good opportunity to hone in on exactly what users may be looking for - for example, ImLive Boobs would be a perfect match for users doing a search for hot boob cams. In that case, you need to come up with the right keywords, text for your ad and link to the ImLive Boob page.

Example keywords you could use:
Hot boob girls
big boob girls
boob webcams

For the text of the sponsored ad, you can use any of the ready text links available for ImLive boobs or make up your own text. Just make sure to comply with the search engine requirements regarding length, characters etc.

Live big boob webcams!
Play with the boobs of your choice live on webcam!

When users search for one of the keywords you chose, see your relevant ad and then arrive at the perfect site, the conversion's in the bag!

Which promo tool should I use if I have a blog?
Blogs by nature are sites with constantly updating content - whether its daily stories, photos, videos etc. For that reason, blog owners often look for a source of quality content that can be easily syndicated in their blog AND provide them with an added stream of revenue.

The PussyCash content syndication tools offer that solution with a variety of XML feeds that automatically update and feed into your site. You can also offer your blog visitors to RSS ImLive content featured in your blog direct to their RSS readers.

If your blog is a part of a social network, like for example, you can zero in on the people connection factor they've got going by adding geo-targeted promo tools to your page. The benefit of doing so is that users from Kentucky checking out your blog can see ads targeting real WildMatch members from Kentucky. Geo-targeting users' location has shown to double convert rates!

Which promo tool should I use if I have a member subscription site?
Because subscription sites generally promise more quality service to returning members than free or non-subscription sites, it's important to give these members what they want in order to retain them.

Perhaps the important quality to members of subscription sites is fresh, updated content.

PussyCash has several promo tools that not only earn you money, but also provide quality content that's constantly refreshed - adding value and user retention to your site.

Real-time banners show constantly updated ImLive hosts that are actually online when your users click on the banner.

ImLive Theatre is a fully-functioning free VideoChat console that displays real webcam hosts ready to videochat live with your users within the console... for free!

Integrating ImLive content into your site provides your users with fresh content and can turn a run of the mill website into a more robust videochat service provider.

And finally, you can co-brand your site with ImLive and WildMatch to empower your site brand and give your users a link to return to your website.

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Which promo tool should I use in TGPs?
A Thumbnail Gallery Post (or TGP) is a common type of ad-driven website that provides links to free Internet porn. Thousands of users visit the big TGPs daily. These users make up "quality" targets in the sense that they can often be converted into paying members of PussyCash sites.

How to do it? All you need to do is submit your photo galleries to the TGPs or video galleries to MGPs (movie gallery posts).

PussyCash offers perhaps the most comprehensive gallery feature for affiliates today, because we give you the ability to take hundreds of our ready made galleries or build your own to whatever level of customization you need.

Our gallery feature also allows you to export to your computer loads of galleries in a format that is compliant with all the major TGPs.

Learn more about TGPs on Wikipedia

Enter the web's hottest gallery feature for affiliates now

Which promo tool should I use in online Forums?
Online forums are places where users post messages to one another. They are usually prepared and eager to write about whatever it is that interests them.

You can capture the attention and imagination of users in Forums by posting an ImLive Fulfill-A-Fantasy banner in your post or sig.

These banners prompt users to write out their fantasy. Upon submitting their fantasies, users will be asked to register for free ImLive membership at which point their fantasy requests will be forwarded to the Hosts of ImLive. Any Host who is available will be able to respond to the requests and provide customized service for these users, thus enabling quick conversions from forum traffic to sign-ups.

Click here to take an ImLive Fulfill-A-Fantasy Banner now

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