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PussyCash Promo Tools
About the huge variety of PussyCash Promo Tools

Promo Tools, also referred to as Creatives, are promotional marketing content that affiliates place on their webpages to earn money from PussyCash. Such Promo Tools include banners, full-page ads, text links and much more. Every PussyCash promo tool you can take when you're signed in to PussyCash already contains your affiliate ID#.

About PussyCash Promo Tools
PussyCash prides itself on providing webmasters with some of the best converting, innovative promo tools on the web today. Our Creatives are designed and built by a highly specialized team of professionals and are often inspired by the webmasters who work with PussyCash. Because the formula to success relies so heavily on the quality of the marketing materials, PussyCash spares no expense and creative energy in making the coolest, most attention grabbing Promo Tools out there.

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A table overview of PussyCash Promo Tools
The range of Promo Tools we provide run the gamut from text links and banners to fully-functioning VideoChat modules you can embed in your site. Below you can see all the Promo Tools we currently have. Different Promo Tools are used to promote different PussyCash sites. Click on a link to learn more about each type of Promo Tool.

Promo Tool Brief Description
Generic Links Your unique link code to all PussyCash site programs
Text Links One-liners that users click on
Gif & Flash Banners Professionally designed content ads
Real-Time Banners Ads featuring currently online ImLive Hosts
Geo-Targeted Banners Ads targeted to your users' location
Geo-targeted, Real-Time banners Combined elements of above two
Video Chat Banners Present exclusive hot action videos of ImLive Hosts or actual recorded VideoChat sessions between ImLive Hosts and their Guests.
Porn Star Video Banners HTML banners featuring exclusive flash object video clips of ImLive Celebrity Porn Stars
Search Box Banners Add a keyword search box to your site
Fulfill-A-Fantasy Banners Let users submit their fantasies & find a webcam match
Celebrity Event Banners Keep users posted of celebrity and other special events happening at ImLive
Dynamic Listings An incredible XML panel featuring loads of online ImLive webcam Hosts
Full Page Ads Give users an eye-full with these large, bold ads
Pop-ups Content rich, attention grabbing ads
Exclusive Video Content Exclusive videos by ImLive Hosts available for use as free content on your site.
ImLive Theatre A fully functioning, free VideoChat module
Build Your Own Banners Create quality banners in seconds flat
Co-brand Integration Add YOUR logo to PussyCash sites
XML Advanced Feeds Access the ImLive database to customize Host feeds (some advanced skill required)
RSS Advanced Feeds Add an updated ImLive Host feed to your site
Free Content A huge supply of free stuff to put in your site or use to make your own Creatives

Landing Page Options
In the process of taking a Promo Tool, you may also be given the option to select the specific page you want your users to "land" on when they arrive at the site.

The Benefit of Landing Pages:
If you have special interest traffic, you can provide your users with a relevant promo tool followed by a similarly themed landing page. This will give your users exactly what they want and you'll stand a statistically higher chance of converting them into PussyCash site members.

PussyCash Sites with Landing Page Options:
Our promo tools come with a variety of landing page options you can choose from. Below we outlined ImLive landing page options for your convenience.

About Landing Pages:
To ensure that your ImLive convert rates are as high as they can be, PussyCash offers three landing pages for each and every stream of traffic you send to ImLive:

  1. The default landing page is the Host search results page featuring online Hosts in a list with their names, photos, self-descriptions and more, beginning with Hosts offering discounts

  2. The Host results page in gallery view, featuring the photos and names of online Hosts

  3. The ImLive homepage featuring text links for live sex chat, live clubs, webcams and more.

The ImLive landing pages for ImLive provide you with better ways to target your traffic and increase your converts. Select your promo tool and get ready to convert your traffic to sign-ups like never before.

Promo Tool Customization
A number of PussyCash Promo Tools allow you to customize certain elements of the creative. You can alter the background color, texts and other elements of the following Promo Tools to better match the look and feel of your site:

How to Add Promo Tools to your Webpages
You don't need to be a computer programmer to add a PussyCash promo tool to your webpage. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Click on Promo Tools in the nav bar
  2. On the PussyCash main Promo Tool page, choose a PussyCash site category, the website you want to promote and the payment program under which you wish to get paid.
  3. From the site's Promo Tools list, select the type of Promo Tool you're interested in.
  4. If you're given the option, select the landing page users will "land" on after clicking the promo tool. (We sometimes offer a number of alternative pages for your traffic to arrive at the designated site. Choose the landing page you feel that would best suit your traffic.)
  5. Preview the promo tools available and then follow the instructions on the page for how to copy the code to your HTML editor.

The Promo Tool Quick Search
On your Member's page, use the quick search to go direct to your favorite promo tools:

For more detailed information on how to add specific types of promo tools, please read the following:

How to add GIF banners to your site:
  1. Click on the promo tool and save the image in your files. Save this file in the same place where you plan to save the banner code (ie your webpage folder or directory).
  2. Click on the HTML button corresponding to the banner you selected, and copy the HTML code
  3. Open your website editor and paste the code where you want the promo tool to appear in your webpage. Save your work.

How to add IFrame promo tools to your site:
IFrame promo tools include all of PussyCash's Geo-Targeted, Real-Time and Search Box Banners.
  1. Click on the HTML Code button corresponding to the banner you selected, and copy the code to be added to your web page.
  2. Open your website editor and paste the code where you want the promo tool to appear in your webpage. Save your work.

How to add Flash promo tools to your site
  1. Click on the Flash Code button corresponding to the promo tool you selected
  2. A popup will open with a link to "Download Flash File." Click the link and then click the Save button. Save this file in the same place where you plan to save the banner code (ie your webpage folder or directory). Close the small window that opened with the download.
  3. Copy the HTML code in the popup. Open your website editing program and paste the code where you want the promo tool to appear on the page. Save your work.

How to save Flash banners in FrontPage websites
1: Download the flash (*.swf) file and save it in the same place where you plan to put the promo tool (ie your webpage folder or directory). Do not change the name of the file. Close the small window that opened with the download.
2: Copy the promo tool's HTML code.
3: Open Frontpage. On the File menu, click Open Web, select the website you want to put the banner in, and click Open.
4: Click Import on the File menu. In the Import dialog box, click Add File. In the Add File to Import List dialog box, select the Flash movie file (*.swf) that you saved in step 1, and then click Open. You should now have in your FrontPage folder list the *.swf file that you just imported.
5: Click on the HTML tab at the bottom of the FrontPage work area and select an area within the body of your HTML code (between the and tags) where you want to put the banner. Or click the Preview tab at the bottom and click exactly where you want to place the banner. Return to the HTML view and the cursor will automatically appear in the area of your code where you indicated you want the banner to be.
6: Paste the HTML code you copied in step 2.
7: Click the Preview tab at the bottom of the FrontPage work area and you should see the banner. Click on the banner and see that it takes you to the appropriate site. Save your work.

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